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 You can’t buy happiness, but drinking a hot aromatic latte brings you mighty close! My go-to drink for chilly mornings or a needed caffeine fix, a hot latte with hints of hazelnut and vanilla are sure to warm my morning (or evening for that matter) with some cozy comfort.
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A born and bred Angelino, I grew up a real city girl. Somehow my heart belongs somewhere down south though; far from the screams of city life where dirt roads grew ferns and daffodils and moms and pops raise their young kids on 25 cent allowances and a home grown sense of responsibility. I fell in love with country music and listen to it nearly every day. Talking about real life and real love, I’m convinced these folk know how life ought to be lived.
morning copy
 My Dad (my hero and my first best friend) wakes up every day before 5am. As a kid, I would listen for the sound of his footsteps outside my room when it was still eerily dark and cold outside. I take after him in that I learned that days are best lived when they’re started early. I love the soothing quiet of early mornings, and the promise of the sun’s rays to shower my day with light.
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 A minimalist when it comes to make-up, Bare Minerals light powdery touch does the job beautifully. Their products are made from pure minerals meant to renew and revitalize the skin, and I never have to worry about clogged pores or breakouts. I really like the smooth, natural finish it leaves on my face, and it lasts remarkably well through my day. Two thumbs up for a look that is timeless and ever au naturel.


bathtub copy
 Can you think of the last time you drew yourself a hot bubble bath?Not for your kid or significant other, but for YOU? I can attest that adding this healing routine to your self-care regimen is an incredibly simple way to recharge and revitalize your batteries! Add some sea salts and essentials oils, turn on your favorite Pandora station, and let yourself float away to heaven for just a little while. I started taking baths after my Chiropractor recommended an epsom salt soak for strained muscles, and soon enough I took to bath time like I did my yoga mat. One might even call this ritual a bare necessity.


crossroads copy I learned to shop “second-hand” when a friend and I popped into Crossroads Trading Co, a trendy consignment shop in SoCal when I was in 8th grade. Second hand boutiques are the treasure chest of the material world; you never know exactly what you’re going to find, but you know you’ll always find something both cool and usual at a price that makes you smile. I’ve called “It’s only 8 bucks!” across the store too many times to count. I’m a lover of anything that’s one-of-a-kind and enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting. My greatest pieces have been bought second hand! Like, where else can you buy a Henri Bendel clutch for only $15?
 bun copy
My hair is generally piled onto the top of my head is some kind of messy bun arrangement. I always thought the look was ultra chic, but now I have come to appreciate the look as one that says “I just do my thing and I’m okay with it.” My day is often a whirlwind of teaching classes, doing errands, and exercising, I don’t have the patience to worry about doing my hair and maintaining it’s perfect look through out the day. Solution? A simple bun. It’s a perfect look for the woman on the go.

friends copy

I cried as the credits rolled on the last episode of the final season of the Friends. Friends is my absolute favorite sitcom to watch, and I’ve gone back to watch the funniest episodes again (and again and again and…). The characters are both lovable and relatable and this is a sure way to find a pick-me-up when you need it.